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Evoux – Versatile Ecosystem for Automation of TV Channels and Radio Stations

Evoux offers innovative solutions for the management of broadcast media processes. Our software for automation of radio and television stations entirely optimizes the workflow and offers great level of planning, reporting and monetization capabilities. Due to the modular structure of our products, we always offer reliable and simple, yet powerful solution. The Professional experience we gathered over the years allows us to provide quick development and offer prompt technical support.

  • Radio Playout
  • Radio Traffic Manager
  • TV Media Manager
  • TV Report Manager
  • CG_Designer
  • Content_Manager

On-Air in a few steps

Prepare a complete playlist, which can include media and commercials for 24 hours or more.

Automatic playlist creation is based on predefined templates utilizing Meta Data associated with the Media Files.

Unlimited templates can be defined and assigned to different days or hours and repetition patterns.

Various factors, such as how frequently each file will be broadcasted, its type, parameters, restrictions, etc. are taken into account for the playlist creation.

The operator can further change parameters and content of the already generated playlist.

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Amazing Tools To Build Awesome Media

  • Communication between the individual modules is transparent for the user. Data entered into any of the Evoux modules, automatically becomes available to the entire system. By using Evoux products, you avoid wasting time in costly integrations between third-party modules.

  • Providing information about currently played media and sending simultaneously to different destinations like web pages, RDS (visualization of the information on the radio receivers), file sharing servers, text files, statistical processing systems and more.

  • Evoux offers high level of redundancy. Simultaneous backup of the database and media files without interrupting the workflow process.

  • Automatic generation of playlists based on user-defined rules. Quick and easy creation of unique media compilations. Simple to make changes to the broadcast program format.

  • Our solutions are utilizing professional audio and video cards. Compatible with all sound cards supported by Microsoft Windows.