background blur 1TV Playout
TV Playout

TV Playout offers a complete Broadcast Automation Solution working together with Playlist Manager, Media Manager and Traffic Manager. All the necessary modules work seamlessly and simplify the task of management and planning of Television Broadcast with CG. Meta data sharing between the modules allows for fast creation of music, movies or thematic channels with rich CG and all planning tools to help with the schedule preparation.

  • Playback of SD/HD video files
  • Broadcasting files with different video compression and containers in the same playlist
  • Automatic resizing (scale and stretch) to the resolution of the video output
  • Automatic volume level control
TV Playout
TV Playout
  • Integrated CG module for overlaying different visual objects over the image (plate, logo, clock, crawl, roll, dynamic information, etc.)
  • Triggering of visual objects (logo, plate, chat, etc.) based on a schedule.
  • Displaying ads over video content – product placement advertising
  • Real-time operations
  • Manually manage and broadcast predefined graphic projects