background blur 1TV Playlist Manager
TV Playlist Manager

Playlist Manager offers an automated* or manual creation of playlists for the next 24 hours or more. The user creates templates with the desired criteria and rules, which are later used for asset selection in automated playlist creation. The selection is based on several factors such as how many times an asset should be broadcasted, its type, restrictions, and many more. After generating the playlist, further corrections and changes can be made.

*Automated playlist creation is suitable for music televisions only

  • Creation of unlimited number of templates
  • Automatic generation of playlists based on a selected weekly clock
  • Automatic Ad Insertion for the right day, hour and commercial break
TV Playlist Manager
TV Playlist Manager
  • Free to edit, copy and delete playlists
  • Precise management of the items rotation
  • Import and export of playlists between different Media Libraries (TV channels)