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TV Assist

TV Assist is a standalone Playout/CG application allowing for quick and efficient video content broadcast with flexible On-Air CG. Perfect solution for small broadcast channels, OB VAN, Worship or Corporate Information channels. Works standalone without the necessity of additional media content management. Simple to deploy and operate.

  • Playback of SD/HD files
  • Broadcasting files with different video compression and containers on the same playlist
  • Automatic content resizing (scale and stretch) of the video output resolution
  • Integrated CG module for overlaying different visual objects over the image (plate, logo, clock, crawl, roll, dynamic information, etc.)
  • Manually manage and play predefined graphic projects
  • Unlimited layering
  • Simultaneously or sequentially moving graphic objects on a single or multiple layers
TV Assist
TV Assist
  • 8-bit alpha channel (256 transparency levels) video playback for greater CG quality
  • IN and OUT trimming points
  • LIVE input
  • RSS feeds visualization, text or weather forecast information from external sources
  • Preview and edit CG projects prior broadcasting
  • Manual or automated On-air CG control
  • Various video formats (mxf, avi, dv, mp4, mov, mpeg2) with frame accurate IN and OUT points