background blur 1CG Station
CG Station

Standalone CG Station. Easy to use in existing production environments, Sport events and Live TV broadcast. Equally powerful in Info Channel implementations providing reach CG. Images can be overlaid on the incoming live video or outputted as Fill/Key to a Production Video Switcher.

  • Simultaneous playback of graphics objects
  • Scheduled display of the objects at specific time
  • Animated and z-axis dynamically moving objects
  • Unlimited layering
  • Simultaneously or sequentially moving objects on a single or multiple layers
  • Preview and edit projects prior broadcasting
CG Station
CG Station
  • Support of 8-bit alpha channel (256 transparency levels) for greater CG quality
  • Analog and/or digital signals support depending on the video card used
  • Using LIVE video
  • RSS feeds visualization, text or weather forecast information from external sources
  • Works with all Decklink or Intensity cards