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CG Designer

CG Designer provides all of the necessary tools to create, edit and preview graphic projects and templates. TVPlayer and CGStation than take the projects and use them for displaying rich graphics over the video signal. Use visual objects like logo, lower third, chat, weather forecast, news ticker, visualization of RSS feeds and create compelling and distinguishable “look and feel” of your TV channel.

  • Creation of visual objects such as logo, plates for the files, marks, chat, weather forecast, news, visualization of information RSS
  • CG projects contain different graphic objects: animation sequence (tga, png, tiff, static gif, jpg, jpeg, ico), static image (tga, tiff, static gif, bmp, jpg, jpeg, ico), static text, timer/counter, clock, crawl, roll, video from a file, different graphical primitives, video picture manipulator (stretch, crop)
  • Multiple layers
  • Variety of transition effects between the projects – scroll, fade, blur, rotate and others
  • Wide range control of the effects’ speed
  • 8, 16 or 24 color depth (16.7 million colors) and 8-bit alpha channel of all graphical objects
  • Projects preview prior to use in the TVPlayer and CGStation
  • Manual or automatic loading and playing of the projects by the TVPlayer and CGStation
  • Customizable built-in animation effects
  • Flexible editing of the object’s properties
  • Design and management of different graphic projects
  • Multi-resolution support
  • Support of various graphics and video file formats