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Content Manager

Content Manager offers powerful Client-Server
Asset Management Solution working seamlessly
with Transcoders, Ingest, Playout, CG, etc …



Ingest supports various content sources
such as SDI, IP and file ingest. We offer
Multichannel Solution …



Transcoding engine that works with
Watch Folder automation logic or in
tandem with Content Manager and Ingest. …


TV Playout

TV Playout offers a complete Broadcast Automation
Solution working together with Playlist Manager,
Media Manager and Traffic Manager …


CG Designer

CG Designer provides all of the necessary tools to
create, edit and preview graphic projects and templates …


CG Station

Standalone CG Station. Easy to use in existing production
environments, Sport events and Live TV broadcast …


TV Media Manager

Media Manager provides the tools for registering,
managing and administrating Playout and Media Library …


TV Playlist Manager

Playlist Manager offers an automated or manual creation of playlists
for the next 24 hours or more. The user creates templates …


TV Traffic Manager

Traffic Manager provides management and planning
of the commercials for broadcast. Creates single or periodic schedules...


TV Report Manager

Report Мanager provides more detailed analysis
of the As-Run log from the Playout, certificates
for broadcasted commercials, charts...


TV Assist

TV Assist is standalone Playout/CG application
allowing for quick and efficient video content
broadcast with flexible On-Air CG …


Quality Checker

Quality Checker is advanced multifunctional
audio and video file validator and analyzer. …

Powerful solution for media management

  • Modular structure fully transparent for the user
  • Simultaneously managing several TV channels from a single workplace
  • Completely automated playlist generation and ad insertion
  • Manual editing and preview of CG templates and projects
  • Overall CG management in a user-friendly manner
  • Automatic backup of data. Automatically or manually archiving of video files
  • Automated Playout replication – mirror Playout/Backup
  • Monitoring for missing playlists in the Playout computer and notification
  • Automatic content compliance recording system
  • Automated information publishing on the web
  • Versatile User level access and Users actions log
  • Comprehensive technical support. Available 24/7