Radio Media Manager
Radio Media Manager

Media Manager provides the tools for registering, managing and administrating Media Library and Playout. Registering Media asset in the Playout allows metadata editing, deleting or disabling of seperate items or a group of them. Provides a detailed report for everything broadcasted by the Playout. An option for preview and edit of the system’s main indexes.

  • Registration of files and detailed description of their parameters
  • Validity test of the files
  • Catalogue of artists, moods, styles, categories, etc.
  • Creation of playlists with unlimited duration
  • Easy and intuitive program scheduling
Radio Media Manager
Radio Media Manager
  • History of previously broadcasted items in the Playout module
  • File search by multiple parameters
  • Import and export of media files and their attributes between different Media Libraries (TV channels)
  • Batch operations – simultaneously change some of the properties of several items